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Raise money for your causes with our CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM

As most pastors are aware..

Your subscribers and enthusiasts are more than willing to help shoulder the bill for your upcoming projects, you just need to pass the offering plate, otherwise they don’t even know about your need. 

Let your audience know! With unlimited campaigns, you can let your supporters decide which projects they want to help support and see get off the ground!


Flexible Funding Models

Our platform offers a range of funding models to accommodate different project types and creator preferences.


This flexibility allows you to choose the funding model that suits your project's requirements and risk tolerance.
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Community Engagement Features

Our platform offers various community engagement features, such as comment sections, backer updates, and backer forums.


Actively engaging with your backers, you can build stronger relationships, gather valuable insights, and create a sense of involvement
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Integrated Social Sharing

Features that enable you and your backers to easily spread the word about your campaign across popular social media platforms

Social Network

Reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of attracting new supporters and generating more funding for your project
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Trust and Security

We prioritize the safety and protection of both creators and backers on our platform

Robust Security

Offer peace of mind to your backers, knowing that their contributions are protected, and that you are operating within a trusted and secure crowdfunding ecosystem
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Join the Revolution! It starts at the Harbor.


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Join the Revolution! It starts at the Harbor.