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The Internet revolutionized human interaction, commerce, and information dissemination. Over 2 decades, big tech and media giants infiltrated every aspect of modern life, but their monopolistic abuses are becoming evident. They’ve exploited our data, stifled competition through predatory tactics and lobbying, and silenced dissenting voices. Acting as arbiters of truth, they control the fate of businesses and dictate what constitutes misinformation. People are awakening to these parallel economy rooted in free market principles signals change. A parallel economy rooted in free market principles signals change. Revolution Harbor is a community fostering this transition, offering a unified platform empowering content creators and ecommerce entrepreneurs with comprehensive tools for creation, management, marketing, and monetization.

Revolution Harbor, spearheaded by visionaries Joshua Matrisciana and Brady Fuchs, is a groundbreaking amalgamation of Facebook’s connectivity, Google Docs collaboration, and Amazon Prime Video’s entertainment prowess. In a world where our virtual assistants are listening in, Revolution Harbor emerges as a secure haven, warding off Big Brother’s watchful eye.

Howdy. My name is Joshua Matrisciana, and I’m the founder of Revolution Harbor. Revolution Harbor is a community portal. It’s a platform built for individuals and organizations who are actively creating content and posting stories for their audience. Some people don’t mind Siri or Alexa listening in on every single one of their conversations, but some of us really do. Like seriously, has anyone read 1984? We realized pretty early on that a platform for secure communication, collaboration, sharing large files, digital products, and secure video streams was absolutely paramount. This is more than a social network. It’s an incubator built specifically for people who are creating content or who wish to start or grow just about any type of online business.

Whether you’re starting out with an audience of 1 or you have a mailing list of a1000000, Revolution Harbor will be the starting point to take your message or business to the next level. Within minutes, set up your own online store. Create a crowdfunding campaign, and sell your content. Ebooks, videos, albums, ecourses, or even coaching. Our robust elearning platform allows you to create online classes, great homework, offer certificates, and much, much more. We offer online storage and video archives on our state of the art secure server network. You can rest assured that not only your conversations and emails but also all of your files are behind our quantum resistant secured firewall. So we keep your private files private.

Your data is your data and we will not sell to any third parties. But what about all the content you’re creating that you really want to be made as public as possible? You can have access to our robust set of of marketing tools which include two way text messaging, automations, landing pages, marketing funnels, email autoresponders, appointment bookings, a chatbot, and so much more. Soon your channels will start to take off, and suddenly you’ll realize you just don’t have enough time to do the mundane or boring tasks anymore. Just reach out to the other members of our community on our job posting board and collaborate with a whole new world of content creators. Unleash your creativity, grow your audience, collaborate, create products, sell your art, join communities, and engage with others on this First Amendment freedom of speech platform built for creators and entrepreneurs, by creators and entrepreneurs. Welcome to the Revolution Harbor.

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